Fun Ways to Keep Your Mind & Body Active During a Pandemic….or ANY Day!

Written By: Reneé Racioppi

The pandemic challenged us in ways we never expected. It brought out different versions of ourselves and forced us to adapt to various environments in order to stay afloat. Before anything else, it is so important to acknowledge how great we are doing. It’s important to give it our all and doing our best, even if that looks different on a day to day basis. With the vast amount of stress we endure on a daily basis, we must continue keeping not only our bodies but our minds active as well. 

This may seem like a simple concept to explore, but with everything else going on in our lives, we tend to forget to take care of ourselves in the process. If we are not the best version of ourselves, we tend to lose touch with some other aspects of our lives as well. By keeping our minds and bodies healthy, we are actively challenging ourselves to keep working and be ready for when we need them most. 

Our team came up with a list of ideas that will hopefully help you find some ways to keep your mind and body active. We hope to encourage you to participate in activities that are effective and that make you feel better each day. 

  • Doing a puzzle 
  • Doing 30 minutes of exercise 
  • Stretching every morning
  • Drinking more water
  • Setting an alarm to get up and walk around every hour
  • Reading articles instead of social media 
  • Going for a walk/run
  • Listening to podcasts instead of watching TV
  • Getting dressed for the day
  • Learning a new skill 
  • Painting abstract pictures in your free time
  • Being aware of your posture 
  • Playing games like: Sudoku, Chess, Trivia…etc.
  • Writing your thoughts
  • Reading books – both real and fiction
  • Scheduling workouts in advance so you know you have time to fit them in
  • Enjoying some music and dance around your house with loved ones
  • If possible, standing while working 

This is a shortened list and many other activities can be included in order to keep you feeling fulfilled throughout your days. The most important aspect to consider is that you are giving yourself time to challenge yourself in different ways to be active in our thoughts and opinions and ideas. This way, we keep our creative juices flowing, we take care of our bodies so that they can perform the way we are expecting them to, and we treat our brains with the consideration and kindness that it so rightfully deserves.

There is a possibility that you have tried some of these ideas and found them to be unsuccessful. It is important to remain consistent and to curate a routine that works for you and your life. For some, this may be easier said than done. If you’re struggling with overwhelming anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts, bothersome behaviors, or anything that is making you uncomfortable, please reach out to us for a free consultation to see if we can be of help to you. Call us or text us at (908) 914-2624 or email us at

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