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Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management (Chester, NJ) is a growing, high-end counseling center that is dedicated to providing quality mental & behavioral health services. We also focus on providing excellent support and training to our therapists. We specialize in helping our clients (children through adults) overcome panic, social anxiety, worry, OCD, depression, among many other emotional difficulties, using evidence-based therapy, with a focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

We Are Hiring!

Licensed (or License-Eligible) Mental Health Therapists

Multiple NJ licensed (or license-eligible) therapists (LCSW, PhD, PsyD) are needed, part-time to start (16-24 hours minimum), 2-3 evenings a week or 1-2 evenings and one Saturday morning/afternoon per week. Perfect position for a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Licensed Psychologist (PhD or PsyD), or license-eligible person seeking hours for licensure.

Our Ideal Applicant Has…

  • Experience providing (or strong motivation to learn) evidenced-based and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy and has a strong understanding of these methods.
  • Specializes in working with young children, children and teens, or teens and adults
  • Willingness & motivation to stay on top of the latest research and evidence-based methods through regular training and consultation.
  • Desire to develop a career with Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management and contribute to our TEAM!
  • Passion about providing exceptional therapy to high functioning clients in a supportive, kind, and focused manner.
  • Belief in our mission and vision statements and a strong passion and commitment to pursuing them.
    • “Our mission is to help others regain control of their lives by providing effective strategies supported by science to anyone who believes that bothersome thoughts, feelings, or behaviors are roadblocks to achieving their goals.”
    • “Our vision is to be the most trusted and effective mental health services center in northern and central New Jersey.”

 Great Opportunities with Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management…

  • Excellent, motivated, and appreciative clients
  • Supportive, multidisciplinary, high-achieving, fun, and professional team
  • Focus on therapy without any marketing tasks
  • Fully staffed and amazing administrative team
  • Regular consultation, training, professional development, and support
  • Make positive changes and develop various programs of interest

AND we’ve created an environment and culture where the lion’s share of your time is spent doing exactly what you love. . . THERAPY!

Compensation is very competitive.

If this sounds like a career that would be fulfilling to you, please apply here:

Job description

Mental health therapist will provide outpatient services (typically individual sessions; sometimes family sessions or parent sessions) to patients of Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management. Clinical therapy services include treatment of young children, children, teens, adults, families, and couples. Treatment specialties may include: behavior disorders (including ADHD), anxiety, depression, OCD, etc.

Mental health therapist reports to: Owner and/or Clinical Director.

Job Duties

  • Perform on-site clinical psychotherapy services to patients of Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management, as scheduled, and in accordance with company policies
  • Regular and reliable attendance and timely arrival to work is required
  • Be properly licensed and abide by all laws, rules, regulations, and codes of ethics that are binding upon or applicable to the services performed for Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management
  • Respond to patients’ requests for service or calls within 24 hours whether such requests are made in person, by phone, voicemail, etc. or through the Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management’s website
  • Communicate with a patient’s treatment team (i.e., PCP, psychiatrist, school, etc.) as necessary
  • Timely complete written records for each patient including, but not limited to: intake notes, progress notes, treatment plans, termination notes, contact notes, and other forms or documents which may be needed or required from time-to-time by Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management or third parties in conjunction with the treatment of the patient within a timely fashion (by Friday of each week)
  • Keep patient files accurate and up to date
  • Attend mandatory staff meetings and training as directed by Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management
  • Conduct and regulate psychotherapy services in a professional manner so as to maintain and increase the good will and reputation of Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management
  • Be respectful of and cooperative and collaborative with co-workers
  • Other duties which may by assigned by Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management

Minimum Qualification Requirements


  • Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree
  • Active, unrestricted license (LCSW, PhD, Psy.D.) in the State of New Jersey (must be fully licensed). A copy must be provided to Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management. PROVISIONALLY LICENSED applicants (requiring supervision) will be considered for strong candidates demonstrating a genuine, intense interest in learning evidence-based treatments.
  • Available to work at least 16-24 hours over 2-3 evenings per week or 1-2 evenings and one Saturday per week, provided such sessions are available and referred/scheduled by Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management.

What Our Team Members Think


“I have worked at CABM for five years and have been the office manager for 3 1/2. Working at The Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management has not only given me the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally, but I have also had the pleasure of working with some of the best people in the profession. Together we make up a fantastic team that are there to support, troubleshoot, and navigate the day to day workload together. There is a true work-life balance atmosphere at  CABM which allows everyone to experience the best of both worlds, and feel motivated throughout the work day. I have truly enjoyed all 5 years of working at CABM and look forward to many more!”


“I have been with CABM for a little over a year and have been so happy with my decision to transition to private practice, but particularly with this team. I have been supported in many ways to overcome challenges with my cases and have access to a lot of supervision. Becoming a part of this team requires the desire to learn and continue to grow as a clinician. This practice provides many resources and tools that help their clinicians in the process of advancing their knowledge. Team members are available and offer their time to discuss or debrief cases. The team also provides a sense of community within the office, even if we do not get a chance to all see each other often. Our office manager does a great job of managing our schedules and making sure we always have clients scheduled or intakes. She finds clients that fit our specialty and style, which increases the likelihood of therapeutic relationships to work. The priority of this practice is quality care to its clients, which is different from places that prioritize numbers and productivity. This practice also prioritizes the mental health of its clinicians, with boundaries in place to be able to disconnect when one is out of the office. The director makes it a point to respect our lives outside of the office, as well as maintaining the positive culture within the office.”


“Working at Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management (CABM) for almost four years has been a great experience for me. I left a job working in community mental health to make the jump to the private practice world and I can honestly say that I felt at home immediately. I value being part of a team that gets along so well and we have just that. We all have our own specialties and are always willing to consult with one another for the betterment of our clients. Our contact with clients outside of sessions is minimal, which allows for us to focus on our life and families. Our office manager is a great asset since she handles the phone calls, emails, scheduling, billing, etc. I highly recommend working at CABM and would love to have more amazing clinicians join our mighty team.”


“Working at CABM has been such an amazing experience. The flexibility of scheduling allows for a work-life balance that I’m not sure could be found anywhere else, especially in the mental health field. This has been great for preventing high stress and burnout. The team was welcoming and supportive from the start and I’ve created some of my best friendships while working here. Clinical consultation and support are always available which has been really helpful in growing as a clinician and becoming more confident doing this work. Dr. Faraci works very hard as our director to ensure we all feel appreciated and happy at CABM and she is always open and willing to hear our thoughts. “


(updated December 22, 2022)

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