June 5, 2020 Update

How we’re responding to COVID-19:

We’re now offering in-person services in addition to telemental health services we’ve already been providing. We’ve been trained in making the office safe and comfortable for everyone.

For those choosing teletherapy, this is an effective means of offering psychotherapy services for children, teenagers, adults, and parents and is being encouraged globally. Our therapists are trained to make this an effective, efficient, and positive experience and will talk with you about tailoring telemental health to meet your individual needs. We are still accepting new clients and are happy to conduct the first appointment via video conferencing. When you’re comfortable, we can easily transition you to in-person sessions if desired. Please call or text us at 908-914-2624 or email us at info@anxietyandbehaviornj.com.

You’ve considered online therapy because you’re tired of feeling distressed and out of control, but you just can’t find the time to do it.

Maybe you do have the time, but you’ve been to so many therapists in your area and don’t believe that he or she is the right fit for you.

You have so much on your plate. You have so many responsibilities that you haven’t even thought about self-care. When you look at your calendar, there are few (if any) gaps that would allow you the time to schedule something for you. However, you’re so overwhelmed by defeating thoughts and intense emotions that you feel as though just getting through your day is a struggle. You believe that therapy can help, but where can you find the time to do it?

You know you need it because you’re exhausted – mentally and physically exhausted. You want to feel happy again. You want to be in the moment and enjoy your life. You want to be available to care for your loved ones and yourself, but it’s not happening. You’ve heard others’ success stories about how they “got their life back”, and you want it, too, but you can’t even imagine fitting in therapy to your incredibly busy schedule.

You wish you had a flexible work schedule so that you could fit therapy into your week. Maybe you do have a flexible work schedule but don’t want your colleagues to see you arriving late to or leaving early from work because you don’t want to have to explain yourself. Maybe you don’t work but are so consumed by other responsibilities that it’s hard for you to commit to therapy.

It’s also possible that you do have time for therapy, but you’ve tried every therapist in a drivable distance from you and just don’t believe that he or she is the right fit for you.

We’ve got the answer! We offer secure online video therapy!

Online video therapy sessions are conducted through online video conferencing. Now, you don’t have to add driving time to your therapy time commitment. Video-based teletherapy sessions also allow for more flexible scheduling. You can connect with a therapist from home, from the office, or pretty much anywhere that you have a secure internet connection. Maybe your lunch break at work is the perfect time to talk to your therapist. Maybe talking to your therapist through teletherapy sessions after you tuck your kids into bed is a great way to end your stressful day. The beauty of online therapy is that it offers more flexibility for your already tight schedule!

The Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management is confident about this.

Online counseling affords you flexibility and privacy in the comfort of your own home or in whatever setting suits you. We’re very passionate about providing as many of our community members with effective mental health services and are working hard as a team to reduce those barriers that prevent people from seeking the help that they need.

We are so passionate about the importance of mental and emotional health that we are attending online therapy trainings and conferences that are updating our field with ways to help people get the treatment that they need.

We also strongly believe in the work that we do and believe in its very high effectiveness rate. We want you to meet your needs fast and not be in therapy for a long time!

How the Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management Can Help You Meet Those Needs:

As the demand for our services is quickly increasing, we are working hard at expanding our team of smart, friendly, personable, and (most importantly) effective psychotherapists so that you can get an appointment quickly, learn the strategies you need for long-term success, and continue on your life’s journey. While we are all committed to and passionate about using science-supported strategies, we tailor each and every session to meet your unique needs. We use a very collaborative approach in which we combine our expertise in mental and emotional health with your expertise on you to come up with an individualized plan, increasing the effectiveness of our services.

Why wait? Inquire today to learn more!

Telemental Health
Telemental Health
Telemental Health Video Sessions

When You Seek Online Therapy at the Center for Anxiety and Behavior Management:


We offer video- and phone-based teletherapy services for those individuals who either cannot or prefer not to come into the office.

Here are some situations in which online video or teletherapy sessions could be helpful:

  • A work schedule that does not allow time for in-office sessions
  • Lack of child care options
  • The office is too far away
  • College students who will be moving away from the area
  • Anxiety gets in the way of one leaving their home

We use a secure and HIPAA-compliant platform to provide online therapy sessions. If you have an internet connection, a computer, and a camera, the process is very easy.

We’re committed to helping as many people as we can, and if we can reduce some of the barriers, we’re happy to do it!

Something to keep in mind:

Licensing restrictions may limit to whom we can provide teletherapy services. All therapists in our practice are licensed in NJ. Some have multiple licenses in other states. Each state has its own rules regarding conducting psychotherapy sessions across state lines.

Also, some insurance companies may not provide reimbursement for online therapy or teletherapy services. It’s important that you check with your individual insurance carrier to inquire about what services are covered if you require financial reimbursement from them.

Not every client or situation is considered appropriate for online therapy services.

Call or text us today (908) 914-2624 or email us at info@anxietyandbehaviornj.com to schedule your first appointment.

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