Family Therapy

Family therapy can be very helpful for families who feel as though their balance is off. Maybe parents believe they’ve lost control. Maybe children and teens don’t think that their parents understand them. Family therapy focuses on the whole family instead of any individual. Common topics discussed include communication, family dynamics (how different family members interact with each other), and appropriate boundary setting. People change over time, especially children and teens as they mature, so it makes sense that families as a whole change over time. Family therapy can educate you on how to incorporate age-appropriate expectations and strategies so that your family feels whole again. Our therapists provide a safe place for each family member to discuss his or her thoughts and feelings and strives to remain neutral, objective, and unbiased when family conflicts arise.

Below are some areas in which family therapy can help:

  • Communication Improvement
  • Parent-Child Conflicts
  • Boundary Setting
  • Improving Family Dynamics
  • Integrating Blended Families
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Cassandra M. Faraci
Cassandra M. Faraci, Psy.D., ADHD-CCSP
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